mark chamberlain - director of photography

I have been a practising Director of Photography for the past 30 years with extensive experience in 16mm, 35mm, Beta SP, DigiBeta, HD, Drama and Commercials.

I have a considerable amount of expertise in model animation & miniatures. I also have extensive experience in blue & green screen comp work.

My background was as a professional stills photographer. I then wanted to make images move, so instinctively I progressed to film. I started off as clapper loader, then progressed to camera assistant, focus puller, camera operator and finally lighting camera.

I have an immense passion for filmmaking and being part of a team of individuals who strive to tell a story using the very best of their skills.

I only ever like to work on a project, whether it is a drama or commercial, if I feel that I can bring something to it. Needless to say I never intentionally waste anybody’s time.